YS this is not a personal attack on your preferred style, but conceptually I kind of take issue with this "fashion" choice, and you asked for our opinion so there ya go. I’ve tried a Burn and a Kumo, and admittedly the shoulder straps are the least comfy on the V2, but I don’t notice a difference when I’m actually hiking. Assuming that’s the case, comfort is largely based on how you Pack the load. Are you factoring in the framesheet in that? I’ll likely use the other one for a small canister of bug spray. It’s brilliant. It’s a Pa’lante V2 Pack and already I’m saying it’s the best backpack I’ve ever owned. But it's not a minivan. It’s designed so you can keep food in it so you don’t have to stop hiking to grab a snack. Used. Just reach around with one hand and pull out a snack. 40 LITERS . Pay via Paypal. The decision to go frameless or not is a largely personal choice and thus highly subjective. If the fact that I might also throw some clothes or gear in it on occasion for other purposes, or that I think a piece like this has formal design qualities that are interesting offends you, I kinda don’t know what to say about that. Specific to the bag, I'm wary of water bottle holders that don't have some sort of leash around the neck, or sufficient pocket depth. All your points are valid and obviously well-intentioned. Similar Products. These products are the F1 cars of the backpacking world, you don't take them down the street to grab groceries. Coronavirus Diaries Day 357: Goodbye, Trump. This pack doesn't seem to have one. Indeed. However, I’m nervous about switching to a vest style fkt focused pack since I’ve never had experience with it. Waymark Gear Company. He tore it out of the fancy-pants custom-printed mailer before we could finish dinner, and his little face lit up with oooohs and ahhhhhhs as he examined the new pack and the stickers (Stickers!!! Admittedly prior the the V2, I have not owned another bottom pocket bag, but from hearing the experience of others, Pa’lante does it best. I live in a rural village in upstate New York and have been backpacking since I was knee high. V2 $ 240.00. I’m looking forward to it’s arrival this spring and will—of course—report back with impressions, pictures, etc once it’s in-hand. Some info on Andy’s making history can be seen in this cute video, showing packs he’s made in days past, leading up to what you see now in this final product!. Packs like these fare better with daily usage and travel compared to other backpacking packs. 13k Followers, 93 Following, 166 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Pa'lante (@palantepacks) Packed Clothing 2.21 lb. Related products. Yes, it is “outdoorsy” compared to offerings from Outlier/SDR/etc. The holidays can be a bit of a hassle, trying to balance, work, travel and shopping but Trail Mix is rolling along again so let’s get after it. I was unconvinced until I tried out a frameless bag. Comparing the specs to the ultrahigh rolltop, this is twice as capacious and weighs 2 ounces less, which is something else. If the V2 speaks to you, then get it. I am so used to carrying +40 lbs on my back that probably would not notice nor appreciate the weight difference of this pack versus a run of the mill cordura pack (besides I am more on the bushwhacking / camping end of the spectrum). Used on a few day hikes, I just prefer my V2. With most frameless UL packs, the “structure” is provided by the wearers CCF sleeping mat or sit-pad sitting against the back of the packs interior similar to a framesheet, or sometimes packs offer webbing to secure it on the exterior between back of pack and wearers back. You can still order it sans hipbelt if you want. Well, I’m gonna tell ya! Brand. Includes USPS 2-3 day Priority shipping, and PayPal Goods and Services fee. It has 40 liter of capacity and it can hold a lot of gear, but it is not recommended for any large or, even moderately heavy loads since it is a frameless pack. Mountain Daypack $ 120.00. Made of Dyneema material, Pa'lante Packs are designed for fast-packing thru-hikers. for the record i am about as ultralight a hiker as it gets but i'm not fast ok. I prefer if everything else is accessible without having to dig around inside the pack. Osprey Atmos AG 50L. Some info on Andy’s making history can be seen in this cute video, showing packs he’s made in days past, leading up to what you see now in this final product!. So good job by the guys at Pa’lante for doing this right. Zpacks. Cost. Pa’lante Packs Fanny Pack. Great pack, very comfortable, but I just prefer a pack with a … I’m not really gonna make an argument at this stage tbh. May 18, 2018 May 18, 2018 ~ John B. Abela (HikeLighter.Com) ~ Leave a comment. palantepacks.com – Ultralight frameless backpacks. Pa'lante Ultralight 12.2 oz, weight includes 1 side compression and chest strap. Since receiving it I’ve now carried it for the last 2,800 miles, and this is what I think about it. filled Simple Pack. In it we get up close and personal with all of the features included on Pa'Lante's latest design. However I have been using him as rucking weight with the mini van that is Deuter child carrier. As my kids get older I’m hoping to make a return to backpacking and have been working on lightning my load in preparation. The dyneema mesh on the V2 is pretty unique and definitely has a more premium feel to it than any other front mesh pocket on the market. These little pockets are killer. The SWD is a strong contender purely for the fully customizable features I would totally take advantage of. You certainly can use it for "urban life" - that is your own prerogative - but there's a thousand other products that are better suited towards daily urban living than this (and other) UL bags. Packs like these fare better with daily usage and travel compared to other backpacking packs. Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get to a couple things that are smart. Pa'lante is lean, compact and sleek without straps m belts or clips. cute packs made by cute boy Pa'lante Packs. These companies are usually 1 or 2 people sewing bags in their garage. It fucking rocks, it is the most comfortable bag I've used, it was made to measure for my body so the fit is superb. Here’s a quick video walk-around of the first iteration.

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