Those in favor of pasteurization argue that the process kills off unwanted bacteria, and regulates the alcohol content. The kombucha is considered raw because it is never heated beyond that specific temperature, allowing the variety of bacteria to multiply. Unpasteurized kombucha does contain very minor amounts of alcohol, so it will most likely be of no determinant to your child’s birth. Keep in mind, the effects of halting the fermentation are only for the business and not for you!! Fresh home made Kombucha Tea . Someone once said ‘All good kombuchas are unpasteurized’. The Saba Kombucha range has been tested & approved by Dubai Municipality Born and brewed in Dubai using 100% raw Organic, unpasteurized ingredients, Saba Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea. Probiotics are extremely important for our gut health and in turn, our overall health and that is what separates kombucha from any other fizzy beverage. How Does A Detox Program Differ From A Regular Diet? So, to break it down simpler: raw kombucha contains a wide range of naturally-occuring, safe bacteria strains. ( Log Out /  Now, as explained above, pasteurization kills the microbes and this also includes the good bacteria aka the probiotics. Kombucha Max is 100% organic, raw & alive [unpasteurized]. If the label mentions that the kombucha has a shelf life of above 6 months it is very likely that it has been pasteurized. Unpasteurized means not subject to pasteurization via heat or chemical means. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Our kombucha must be refrigerated. While the risk for consuming harmful bacteria in raw kombucha is extremely low, some doctors still list it as one of many products to avoid during pregnancy. As a species we have largely lost our connection to the benefits of fermented foods; instead living in a world of sterile, pasteurized foods, which strip our bodies of good bacteria. GT’s SYNERGY is authentic raw Kombucha for everyone everywhere. Swirl Gently. Women who have never drunk Kombucha should use caution if drinking it for the first time while pregnant or nursing. In fact, you could say that about anything, dairy included! The killing of all the bacteria and microbes in the beverage would make sure fermentation comes to a complete halt, thus limiting the alcohol content. Try for yourself, and see the difference in how you feel. So while it is pretty evident that pasteurized kombucha makes it pretty much useless for people who actually consume it for the probiotics, realistically it might actually make sense that you should have kombucha that has been pasteurized. Since kombucha is a probiotic, it's actually full of tiny, living microbes which, for the most part, is why it can be beneficial for your health. Pasteurization has been done for over 150 years!! Booch & Brew Raw Unpasteurised Kombucha. The fermented taste gives a certain depth to the flavor of kombucha as compared to having any other flavored soda. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. But with kombucha being alive, it’s a bit different. Read on to know! They can be safely consumed. Let’s not forget that human have safely and effectively fermented foods as far back as history goes. Having now run a kombucha company for a couple of years, trust me when I tell you that requiring a cold supply chain and cold storage becomes immensely difficult for a brand to grow operationally on a national level. Doctors advise against eating raw foods or undercooked foods while pregnant — things like soft cheeses , sushi , or runny eggs — because of the risk of food poisoning. let me explain! Raw and Unpasteurized. Yeah, that was me too.

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