It also includes the Speyside Cooperage near Dufftown (not a distillery but … The whiskies from Speyside are typically the sweetest of the malts, with a variety of strength from light, floral flavours to heavy, rich, sherried flavours. Whisky Map of Scotland Interaction with the map. This attractive town with its many beautiful buildings such as the Cathedral, although ruined, is home to a famous shop in South Street where you find Gordon and MacPhail’s shop. On some expressions, you’ll pick up huge notes of iodine, chocolate, and ocean salt, while others play with pepper and moss to glorious effect. Go anywhere in the world, reveal yourself to be Scottish and the most likely reaction will be one involving whisky … The Speyside Way is generally suitable for beginners because waymarking is good, facilities are plentiful and the overall ascent (main spine) is relatively modest (1245 m/4085 ft). Speyside was eventually brought into the fold and with good reason, as it has the country’s largest number of distilleries. The Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland. Distillery Map. © 2021 VisitScotland. Eight malt whisky distilleries and a cooperage form the Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland's Speyside. Die Speyside ist eine Region entlang des Flusses Spey in Schottland.Sie stellt keine geographische oder politisch-verwaltungstechnische Region dar. Whether you’re already a whisky Originally, Scotland broke down into four officially-recognised whisky regions: Highlands, Lowlands, Isle of Islay, and Campbeltown. Moving the mouse over a distillery label on the map will reveal some basic information. Scotland and Scotch whisky: Speyside whisky through the producing distilleries: history, making, maps and tasting notes. Find more advice on exploring Scotland during Covid-19 on our dedicated page. Whisky Map of Scotland Interaction with the map. The Speyside Whisky Trail. Or visit during the famous Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival in April/ May, and get involved in some of the unique whisky … If you like Scotch whisky of a smooth and somewhat neutral variety, then there’s probably a Lowlands single malt out there with your name on it. Elgin. A Guide to Single Malt Scotch Whisky Eigentlich heißt der Weg nur Speyside Way, doch weil er an sieben aktiven, einer stillgelegten Brennerei und einer Küferei vorbeiführt, bekam der dritte offizielle Wanderweg der Speyside seinen neuen Namen als Speyside Whisky Way. Speyside whiskies offer a … When closure happens, normally the equipment is dismantled and sold off, so it's very unlikely that the distillery could re-open in its usual form. Note: The maps below indicate the locations of both working and closed distilleries.A closed distillery is one which has been permanently closed down, probably because it was uneconomical to run at the time of closure. Speyside Whisky Trail (Edinburgh): Edinburgh to Lindores Abbey Distillery, Dalwhinnie Distillery, Benromach Distillery, Speyside Cooperage, Glenfiddich Distillery and Glenlivet Distillery. William Grant & Sons Ltd is one of very few Scotch whisky companies to remain in the hands of the family who founded it. 15 Best Peated Whiskies for Smoky Scotch Lovers. But Speyside has been home to the bulk of Scotland's whisky distilleries for far longer. The Speyside Whisky Shop specialises in fine and rare collectable single malts with a large variety of gin, tonics, whisky and merchandise. The two shops are located only a few doors away from each other. A … A Review of Speyside’s Best Distilleries. Located 3 miles along the B970 east of Kingussie. From £119.00 per person. Set in the heart of stunning Speyside, this trail takes in seven world-famous working distilleries, one historic distillery and the fascinating Speyside Cooperage. Visit world-famous distilleries for a taste of Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Macallan, Glen Grant, Cardhu, Chivas Regal or Aberlour Whisky. Scotland Whisky Regions Map. Whisky Trail Scotch Whisky Distilleries Welcome to The Distilleries of Scotland where we have tried to provide a complete list of Scottish Distilleries. Dufftown's Distilleries. You can move the map around by dragging it with your mouse, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Home | Help | Scotland | Speyside | West Isles | Search Distilleries - Speyside. LIQUID LOG / LIQUID BLOG . If it existed it would stretch all the way from Speyside to Islay via the Highlands – these being the three non-age statement expressions that have appeared in the Aldi-owned brand’s range. Diese Regionen sind Islay, Speyside, Highland, Lowland und Campbeltown. the world, Speyside is the perfect place to learn all you need to know about the art of whisky creation. Speyside is the heart of Malt Whisky country and the home of approximatley half of all the Scottish whisky distilleries in Scotland. Search Search Advanced Search. Technically, neighbours like Speyside and the Islands are both sub-regions of the Highlands. Seven of the eight distilleries are in production and operational, whilst the Dallas Dhu distillery is a historic distillery. Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice. Change your preferences at The whisky-making process here is taken at a relaxed pace. Speyside distillery Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Generally, this region is synonymous with lighter and grassier whisky, most of which eschews peat. Here’s a map of Scotland’s whisky regions: As mentioned above, there are five official Scottish whisky regions and then one unofficial region. This region is also home to the ‘Lowland Ladies,’ a group of whiskies that famously impart with light and floral characteristics. A small, hand-built, artisan distillery nestled amongst the foothills of the beautiful Cairngorm Mountains, ... Harvey’s of Edinburgh and SPEY whisky have a long and unique history stretching back to 1770, throughout the prohibition era all the way to the present day. Loch Lomond, The Trossachs, Stirling & Forth Valley. One of the distillery's fantastic tours will give you an insight into the art of blending as the distillery produces a range of Chivas Regal premium blended whiskies alongside its single malt Strathisla 12-Year-Old. Set in the heart of stunning Speyside, this trail takes in seven world-famous working distilleries, one historic distillery and the fascinating Speyside Cooperage. Please click on your favourite Scotch Whisky distillery on theWhisky Trail map below, the Scotland map or the A-Z list at the bottom of the page. Being that most folks treat the Islands like its own region, we’ll do the same, including it as a “bonus” toward the end. Speyside whisky is arguably the most famous Scotch in the world, and around a half of all of Scotland’s whisky distilleries fall into the Speyside category. A veritable destination among locals and tourists alike, this heralded whisky-making region hosts about 60 per cent of the country’s distilleries. Click on a name for information about a distillery: Aberlour: Allt-a'Bhainne Speyside Distillery. We can take you on a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day whisky tour. Cragganmore Cragganmore Distillery Ballindalloch Banffshire AB37 9AB +44 1807 500 202. I’ve been looking forward to this one for some time. Indeed, ask three devoted Scotch-lovers about their favourite dram and at least one of them will say “Lagavulin 16” in return. Average rating: 86.5 Total reviews: 200 Common tags: sherry, oak, vanilla G GlenDronach #2 in Speyside whisky. The following world renowned distilleries, are also available to visit on Speyside Whisky Tours, although not part of the official Speyside Malt Whisky Trail. › speyside-single-malt-scotch-whisky-760210 It’s all lying in wait, should you go hopping from one island to the next by way of bottle or dram. It is not entirely clear whose whisky the King tasted. Speyside single malt whiskies are distilled in Strathspey which is home to over half of the whisky distilleries in Scotland. SCOTCH MALT WHISKY - 5 PERSPECTIVES. This old Malt Madness site has been seen quite a few different ‘designs’, lay-outs and navigation structures over the past two decades. Man of Many participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we sometimes earn commissions from qualifying purchases. For the sake of this guide, we’ll treat the Highlands region as an entity that exists separate from Speyside or the Islands. At one point in time, there were over 30 distilleries in this remote town. All rights reserved. Around 50% of all Scottish distilleries are based in this region, where they are responsible for just over half of the Scottish whisky production. As if this region’s overall landmass weren’t impressive enough, it’s actually even bigger than most whisky maps might suggest. A must-drink speyside whisky.” Buy on Master of Malt for £50.44; Buy on The Drink Shop for £50.51; Buy on The Whisky Exchange for £50.55; 87. 7 Super Speyside Whisky Distilleries that offer guided tours and tastings. It might also have to do with the fact that the Islands itself is a rather vague term, which describes a number of separate islands surrounding mainland Scotland. He handled the organization, booking, and driving for two days in the Speyside … The whisky trail in Speyside comprises of some famous distilleries such as Glenfiddich, The Glenlivet, and Cardhu. Because of the inland (i.e. In August 1822, King George IV made a highly publicized trip to Edinburgh. It’s a show-stopper, gentlemen. The only malt whisky trail in the world includes more than half of Scotland's malt whisky distilleries that are nestled among the rolling green hills of Speyside, but not all are open to the public. There is no distillery of that name, nor an actual glen. The Malt Whisky Trail Map Scotland's Malt Whisky Trail is a tourism initiative featuring seven working Speyside distilleries, a historic distillery (Dallas Dhu, now a museum) and the Speyside Cooperage. INTERACTIVE WHISKY MAP OF SCOTLAND. What was once the self-proclaimed “whisky capital of the world” isn’t exactly that these days, though the Campbeltown region is still good for a quality dram. Speyside is home to almost half of all the Scottish distilleries. I hvert fald kommer en række af de mest berømte whiskyer i verden fra denne lille plet i det skotske højland herunder den berømte og berygtede Macallan whisky som er en af de mest eftertragtede i verden. I’ve been looking forward to this one for some time. Speyside . The area is located east of Inverness along the Spey valley, and reaches … Elgin. Then there are Western Highlands distilleries such as Oban, which retain a much peatier influence. A distillery map of the Speyside … And what distilleries they are, hence the loyal and growing worldwide fanbase. Vielmehr dient sie der regionalen Zusammenfassung von ungefähr 50 zurzeit produzierenden schottischen Whisky-Brennereien und der Abgrenzung gegenüber anderen Brennereien in Schottland. A Review of Speyside’s Best Distilleries. May 1997 / 17. Speyside is famous for its wonderful whisky and is often called 'Malt Whisky Country'. However, there’s also some consistency such as the presence of salinity and peat, making these whiskies loosely similar to Islay single malts. The answer is pretty straightforward. Im Zentrum der Speyside konzentriert sich die weltgrößte Anzahl an Whisky-Destillen.Der Malt Whisky Trail führt in sieben aktive Whiskybrennereien, eine historische Brennerei und die Speyside Cooperage Many of these are world famous brands, and are well worth a visit for the whisky … Elgin is the largest town in Moray and administrative capital. From the perspective of pure land-mass, this region is the country’s second-largest, though it doesn’t have many distilleries to show for it. Due to Islay’s rugged coastal terrain and windswept climate, it’s a miracle there are any distilleries here at all, let alone nine of them. You can now search our website to see what businesses are open and signed up to the Good to Go scheme. Let’s start with a map of where Speyside Scotland is and where you can find its world-famous scotch whisky distilleries. To summarise the whiskey from this island region in a word: peaty. The Malt Whisky Trail was the first trail of its kind in the world, having been established in Scotland in the 1950s. To be even more specific, if any of Scotland’s 800 islands produce whisky and don’t go by the name of Islay, then they’re considered part of the Islands region. It covers the five whisky regions of Scotland (or is it six? Suffice it to say, you’ll know an Islay single malt at first whiff, as a blast of peat smoke hurdles up your nostrils. Speyside whisky Distillery is on the Southern edge of the Speyside whisky region of the Scottish Highlands. It's home to more than half of Scotland's malt whisky distilleries, making it the ideal place to discover more about this ancient art. It’s this river and its tributaries that form the heart of the Speyside region. Map of Speyside Whisky Distilleries . From there, your mileage may vary, as each distillery tends to have its own calling card. Average rating: 86.5 Total reviews: 200 Common tags: sherry, oak, vanilla G GlenDronach #2 in Speyside whisky. Whisky Trail Scotch Whisky Distilleries Welcome to The Distilleries of Scotland where we have tried to provide a complete list of Scottish Distilleries. © 2020 Man of Many Pty Ltd – Sydney, Australia, 15 Best Peated Whiskies for Smoky Scotch Lovers, Goovis Lite is a Personal 3D Cinema For Your Face, Ducati 2021 Monster is Lighter and More Powerful than Ever, Todd Snyder's $180 Timex Q is an Affordable Classic, Lunaz Electrifies the Classic Range Rover with a $300,000 Upgrade, Moncler's S/S 1952 Collection is More than Just Retro Revivals, The World's Most Expensive Whisky Set is Up For Auction, $400,000 Aston Martin Bowmore Edition is for Those with Great Taste. The area is one of Scotland's five whisky regions. ), highlighting the qualities and characteristics of the spirits therein. A small site, it has a pair of stills which were originally installed in the Lochside distillery but were cut down to size in order to fit into their new surroundings. um den Speyside Whisky ein wenig bekannter zu machen. Decorative cask end displaying a map of the distilleries within the Speyside region. While there, he discovered the illicit whisky being produced in the district of Glen Livet in Speyside. Why not stay in a castle, a lighthouse or on a working farm? In turn, the whisky strikes a properly distinctive accord, interweaving choice notes of dried fruit, vanilla, toffee, and brine within a dry and pungent body. The result is a light style. However, more and more operations continue to pop up, so that all might change over the course of subsequent years. Names like Glenfiddich and Glenlivet (visits to the Glenlivet distillery are very popular with Rabbies’ Whisky … Also featured are some of the top distilleries from each respective whisky-producing region in Scotland. Scotland's Malt Whisky Trail is a tourism initiative featuring seven working Speyside distilleries, a historic distillery (Dallas Dhu, now a museum) and the Speyside Cooperage.A 2012 BBC article recommends a leisurely tour, taking a day or two at each distillery to appreciate the local "traditions and lore". G Glenfarclas #1 in Speyside whisky. Der Malt Whisky Trail ist ein offizielles Angebot der Region. However, don’t take to mean each specific region doesn’t render a unique influence upon the spirits produced within its borders. Click here for further information and to book the Speyside Whisky … Book an escorted Scottish distillery whisky tour today with Keeper of the Quaich, Derek Hancock. But Speyside has been home to the bulk of Scotland's whisky distilleries for far longer. Note that Grantown to Aviemore is a long section (17 miles/27 km) which can be broken at Nethy Bridge or Boat of Garten. Scotland's Malt Whisky Trail is the only trail of its kind in the world.

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