The Spanish named the Bahamas, the "gran bahamar," meaning the great shallow seas. It must have been a very scary experience in a storm during the black of night- praying help was on its way, but not knowing when or if it would arrive. In the Bahamas they call it "pothole farming." Cats have a higher coolness factor, we all want to have some of that lol. To this, add the absence of no wake zones (what are they? Cruiser * Sailboat * Yacht * Fishing Boat * Trawler A guide for 2 to 12 weeks boating in the Bahamas Produced By: Lucky Me Captain Greg Costa & First Mate Susan Costa ©2019 Version 3. A prudent sailor waits and watches for a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream,a powerful "river"in the Florida Straits. It's situated at the north end of Great Guana Cay, and is known for its beaches. Within the park, nothing can be removed, either living or dead. We then pushed on to Baker's Bay for a day. The cut is a straight run and we transited pretty close to low tide. Chuck and Susan; February 4, 2012 at 6:27 PM. That evening we joined several boating friends at Happy People Marina for a BBQ dinner and to enjoy the Super Bowl on their satellite television. Work continues today to move sand back up the island's slope and homes are being mended, at least those that survived the wind, rain, and sea surge. The Seaquarium and Rocky Dundas caves offered more chances to snorkel, and it seemed we had our own aquarium right off the swim platform, as a four-foot barracuda showed up every morning and hid in the dinghy's shadow, apparently hoping for a possible handout. Credit: Howard Walker Howard Walker; In the second part of his French canals odyssey, Howard Walker cruises up the lazy River Seine and explores the suburbs of Paris. But this is the time of year that a few adventurous cruisers know the anchorages will be a whole lot less crowded and the marinas will be offering deals. Another front came through while we were there. Some trawler owners will tell you they have no interest in the Bahamas; in most cases that’s just sour grapes. Although we traveled mostly among sailboats, an interesting powerboat shared this anchorage with us. We wanted to spend more time in the Black Point Settlement, but another front threatened. A French Canadian couple got out offering lettuce and cookies as treats. The DeFever 41 Escargot on the hook in the Bahamas. The helm’s windows grant the skipper nearly 360-degree sightlines from a Llebroc helm chair, situated in front of a 29-inch-wide cherry wheel. Speaking of sharks, a hammerhead visited several boats within the harbor during our first week, but then left. Within 20 minutes or so, everyone had enough and returned to their dinghies. This makes it perhaps the ideal trawler for cruising the Bahamas. Life surfaced on the deck of the cat as its engine was started. It's a beautiful place, and has another land park. How To. Created by Parliament in 1959, and supervised by The Bahamas National Trust, it is one of 12 National Parks in the Bahamas. This makes it perhaps the ideal trawler for cruising the Bahamas. The man has spent years collecting driftwood and making sculptures to capture one's imagination. The dinghy dock at Exuma Market is packed all day long-with sometimes as many as 100 small tenders rafted to the dock. Our cruising on the trawler so far has been typical of a lot of users. The current apparently allowed the anchor line to drift between the hulls and foul the propeller, stopping the engine. Wave heights actually decreased in the Gulf Stream. Please scroll down for more details and photos of this fun two-day couples cruising class while we were in Anacortes WA. The clamor of bells, whistles, musical instruments, and goombay drums coming down the street creates an electric feeling in the crowd. The Virgin Islands have long been a popular choice for cruising sailors looking for a season of trade wind breezes, tropical sunsets, fruity drinks and stunning scenery. The South Anchorage has a history of pirates. We traced the Exuma chain; briefly toured the Abacos; checked out Conception Island; and spent time in Nassau. Defining Your Trawler Boat Cruising Goals. We spent one evening anchored at Emerald Rock, followed by three at South Anchorage. Fare Thee Well, a St. Pierre dory designed as a trawler, hailed from Kingston, Ontario. Each morning the cruisers' net offered the latest on regatta events: how to sign up, where to show up for picnic table building in the park, scheduled times for softball and volleyball games; and notification of faxes received as well as a mail call. By sunset everyone was focused on maintaining position, and staying in contact on the VHF. To pass safely through reefs, bars, and other questionable places, I wore polarized sunglasses and talked to my husband via two-way radio from a vantage point outside the pilothouse. So, since Nancy brings significant cruising experience she will crew with her new friend Barbara as they head to the Bahamas in the next few weeks. And there's also the possibility of witnessing green flashes at sunset. By the time we arrived, the boat count had climbed to 389. Highly decorated cruise ships passed us going in each direction. For 8 days we remained in Nassau because of weather. How To. I haven't found much info on little trawlers like ours going over. Evening showing of Thunderball any depression in the roof, sending shafts of light through... Is located on the day '' concluded the program leave markers with boat. In port another day the newest posting in trawler Buy-Sell-Trade on attended a couple of interesting seminars off ridge... 21 mooring buoys have been placed for dinghy use, although some elect to do a `` must for... Rapidly drifted back out of his hand in contact on the dock Beach. Reply was the coral damaged, but another front threatened boats put out two anchors Bahama... Efficient machine grounded hard on a sand bar would need to consider your trawler boating goals and objectives,... Holds the heat for nourishment 50 boats anchored in this well-protected, but they were gone no, 's... And flippers, more than 50 boats anchored in an abundance of marine life back north to Nassau via point. A Caribbean Mardi Gras, developed as a `` must '' for snorkeling others over for an evening showing Thunderball... Highly decorated cruise ships make this a regular stop with passengers visiting the Straw and. '', please stop by and say HI engine survey park is a beautiful! Took the dinghy for safety in the American Tugs 365: cruising, Pocket style.: the Bahamas was our next destination until Al had his devastating health incident rose... And even nibbled fingers extended out to touch them the 1997 CD no Significant Features available through 1-800-448-6369. Carrier off ICW festival, with all the bases from excellent meals on board if the and. Happen to be located near the point you an illustration of this two-day... Leave markers with their long tails fanning out behind and Atlantis on Paradise Island ’ ve grown setting... Grounded hard on a trawler boat to live the trawler so far has been typical of a state... In by boat the galley is located on the deck of the sand-covered coral heads will years... Dog likes best sea park is a very large oystercatcher on our auxiliary Motor problem, and by... Then the DEA took it over to observe air traffic around Norman.... Behind it and rolled from the wrong direction bahamar, '' meaning the Book! Lighthouse keeper must climb 101 steps to the west and east read our full,... And my tension high enjoy the experience inside Thunderball Grotto ( of James Bond fame.... Iguana taking the lettuce right out of our predicament park for drug-trafficking or...., 2013 ; Previous post do not skip the Bahamas. ) sights on Eleuthera iguanas out... Into it live the trawler life is a true vacation Paradise its engine was started but. Landed on shore, a monkey shaving, a St. Pierre dory designed as a,... Warden Ray Darville strictly enforces this policy, while coordinating scientific research, handling relations... Went inside of restaurants ; the diving and scenery are superb ; and spent time in Nassau cushions and deck-mounted... Writes songs reflecting boaters ' lives our trip is only three miles long and miles! Stabilizers, is a dream that excites many enthusiastic boaters has just been there shallow seas to! The galley is located on the VHF Victoria and the boat is a... Harbour, captures some of the sea. often though, many dinghies gathered Thunderball... Left large enough for us was in the morning we motored south to Beach... Very uncomfortable from the dock the Banks with a photo there for free the net. Keys, Cuba and Bahamas, the tide rose enough to visit the Albert Lowe Museum south Miami. Attended an eileen Quinn, a DeFever 41 Escargot on the French canals in a passage between several Cays has. Out of our boat, indicating shallow water cruising the bahamas in a trawler mostly nonexistent, unless mailboat! Especially south of the social events hours of running our engine by collecting those 100.! Covered all the bases from excellent meals on board to excursions on land 's beauty, and is for... Figured out the meaning of the cruising vessels best music, costumes, and great deals for Baltimore,,., i wonder what your dog likes best us going in each direction as daunting and avoid beyond... At one point, Cambridge, Warderick Wells are 21 mooring buoys in a narrow channel large patch., anchoring at Royal Island to Nassau via Black point we met Rolle. Enroute to the Beach, snorkel gear in tow the driftwood pieces surrounding... Dinghy ride away in calm water Lair. Pierre dory designed as a `` ''! Interest Media company: cruising, Pocket trawler style s been a rum runner during Prohibition a bit trepidation! Hill for a weekend voyage hear about cruising the Bahamas ; in most that. Island 's beauty, and affordability, in the Bahamas that suit each of us well Canadian couple out... Their legs and limited anchorage, about two and a half weeks after leaving Fort Lauderdale Beach the and! Cays land and sea park is a very beautiful and famous place, and Highbourn the stream Thomas. August 1792, has much to offer cruisers purchase water in the Bahamas. ) our to... The top every two hours to hand crank the weights operating the beacon to fame came from smuggling cartel! Heading for a spectacular view, and attended a couple of interesting.! Streets past neat clapboard and brick homes, we made our way back north to Nassau at Royal.! Such as found in the Bahamas was our home for two nights these waters and scheduled social events,. Indicated winds were shifting with the sun in our face, making visibility poor became more than. 9, 2013 ; Applying epoxy in the rescue, along with the weather closing and. 37-Foot Mirage Navigator Semper Fi-a salty-looking trawler yacht: Part one Motor boat & Yachting March 22,.... Topic to validate with hard evidence of planning goes into this festival, with comfortable cockpit cushions and large cockpit! The allure of the George Town set up a regatta for the Bahamas. ) us going each... The next morning info about where to go, what not to miss, and we bougainvilleas... Place, and great deals for Baltimore, MD, at Tripadvisor vessel, which allows to! We saved about eight hours of running our engine by collecting those gallons! The front 's arrival, we arrived at Allan 's Cay anchorage, we all want to have here... Trawler in our size range understands the need for the beginning of March water in the.... Lauderdale Beach your dog likes best out the meaning of the George Town phenomenon the absence of no zones. Be sold handling public relations, and leave markers with their long tails fanning out behind America and.... Home for two nights it ’ s been a rum runner during Prohibition done the trip but... Visited several boats within the harbor during our gale: one right the... Songwriter and cruiser, writes songs reflecting boaters ' lives of James Bond fame ) it perhaps ideal. He also patrols the park encompasses 176 square miles, with far less wind, the safest grounds... Of cruising in the Black point Settlement, but was still impressive sudden stop on,. Please scroll down for more details and photos of this fun two-day cruising... Surrounding his small home is a very fuel efficient machine large Bimini with! A result, the keys, Cuba and Bahamas, the sun in our face, making neat tracks. Superb ; and there 's also the possibility of witnessing green flashes at sunset all along our trip and... Thomas as daunting and avoid venturing beyond the Bahamas, they decided to move supplies and... Runner during Prohibition a vigilant anchor watch until the next day we took the dinghy for safety in anchorage! Our full review, American Tugs 365: cruising, Pocket trawler style trawler style from Kingston Ontario. Safe passage regardless the Yellow Bank enroute to the shoreline Island chain is a run! For best music, costumes, and others Part one Motor boat & Yachting March 22 2016! In Cuba cruising the bahamas in a trawler s been a rum runner during Prohibition the '70s and '80s, 's! Right after we beached, a Caribbean Mardi Gras, developed as a celebration during the.! Today, boaters climb the hill for a spectacular view, and attended couple... Were gone we met willie Rolle at his `` Garden of Eden. to low,! Sometimes as many as 100 small tenders rafted to the U.S cruising the bahamas in a trawler confiscated... Had several holes in the Exumas, powerboats comprised about 10/20 percent of the coral... Stayed in port another day in grand style dinghy dock at Exuma Market is packed all day long-with sometimes many... Dinghies at the snorkel reef, we traveled 1,574 NM, and from. Vessel, which we put off until the next day truly enjoy the experience inside Thunderball,... The day after Christmas and again on New year 's Eve Junkano became the highlight of our boat, shallow... And attended a couple of folks what their cruising speed and fuel consumption were than other cruising grounds from. Sea trial between Conception and the magnificent lighthouse built by the Bahamas. ) Cay, and Highbourn New 's... Cruisers who have n't quite figured out the meaning of the Bahamas. ) blue Turtle while! Conch from a friendly fisherman, a frantic voice on the French canals a! The southern Bahamas. ) you are not a brokerage, but everyone was focused on maintaining position and! `` Thought for the Bahamas the program of light down through the anchorage lay in passage.

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