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The jury members, who will meet in a hotel ballroom in Lausanne while maintaining social distancing, will watch the performances via video and judge them live. margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); Houston Ballet plans to forge ahead with its “Forged in Houston” program, which opens Thursday at the Wortham Theater Center. (Understudying is an important stepping-stone: You can learn so much from being in rehearsals with the company, even virtually, and being prepared to go in for someone will make a strong impression.) I taught at SAB for a week back in the fall, and I taught a lot in Pennsylvania and in West Virginia, where I'm from. A competitor from the 2020 Prix de Lausanne practices backstage. I wasn't sure but filled out the online application anyway—and promptly forgot about it. display:block; height:44px; margin:0 auto -44px; position:relative; top:-22px; width:44px;"> An email is probably best if you don't work with the director or ballet masters frequently, but this is a better question for your teachers.


Once you have established what the proper channels are, think about what you want to say. Houston Ballet has announced that Artistic Director Stanton Welch AM has promoted Chun Wai Chan to Principal dancer. When looking for dancewear, Chan focuses on items that are comfortable and will stand up to lots of wear, mostly in dark colors, like black, blue and gray. [All photos courtesy of Houston Ballet. V & T Graduates to Companies . "), Calvin Klein T-shirt, CD, Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio ballet slippers, Bloch warm-up booties. The National Ballet of China (NBC), known in China as the Central Ballet Troupe was founded on 31 December 1959. Closing our Spring Repertory Program is 'Cacti', the first work by Alexander Ekman to enter Houston Ballet’s repertoire - a gleeful, hilarious parody of the excesses of contemporary dance. While Holloway unfortunately didn't get a rose that night, she did thoroughly enjoy being the long-running reality franchise's first professional-ballerina contestant, as she told Pointe in a recent Zoom call. She began dancing at the early age of two, and at the age of nine, she earned her first principal role in musical theater. There was an error with your submission. I binged the whole season and became obsessed.

How did you get cast?

One of my best friends (Jacqueline Bologna, of New York City Ballet) told me to apply. That is not surprising, given that Chen and his choreographer-coach, Marina Zoueva, put together the program after spending hours looking at YouTube video of Nureyev in Le Corsaire, a mid-19th century ballet to the music of Adolphe … Boston Ballet, Trainee. Wei Chen comes from the USA and received his education at the Boston Ballet School, the Margo Marshall School of Ballet, the Walnut Hill School and the Houston Ballet's Ben Stevenson Academy. Mari Brown. © 2020 Houston Ballet. That was my main concern, because my career has always been first and is always going to be first. It is the longest continuously performing ballet company in the United States and the State Ballet of Georgia. She was appointed by the Mayor of Houston to serve on the Miller Theatre Advisory Board, and she currently serves on the Houston Ballet Foundation Board of Trustees. Mr. Chan joined Houston Ballet as a corps de ballet in 2012 and promoted to principal 2017.


Did you feel any kind of pressure to represent ballerinas—and ballerinas of color—on national television?

Arthur Mitchell, who founded DTH, said something once that stuck with me: "Cinderella doesn't walk into the ball. "We were hoping that the situation would get better and candidates could come to Lausanne, but of course that isn't the case." I wrote down at-home workouts and my favorite pointe exercises, and I brought two pairs of pointe shoes: one newer and a more dead pair for building my strength with.


You got a lot of screen time in the premiere episode (watch it here), prepping your pointe shoes and dancing around the resort.

Yeah, I was shocked by how much they ended up showing! Ask Amy: How Can I Make the Most of Performance Opportunities in a Pandemic? Una Notte In Italia Celebrated 20th Anniversary With Beautiful Men. Zhang Su, as a kind instructor who plies young Li … [Laughs]

What have you been up to since the show?

Life has been great overall, though I didn't get to work with DTH from the end of September until January 4. Standford's Cardinal Ballet. The film is a well acted "documentary" based on Li's book about his life in China and in ballet. What that says to me is, you have to present yourself in the best way possible all the time. He and Mary McKendry now live in Australia with their three children. If you can make it work while keeping your dance career your number-one priority, then I would highly recommend going for an unconventional, once-in-a-lifetime chance.


There's no question that the coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to make adjustments to their seasons and rosters. They may or may not offer you a position, but they'll at least know how you feel and that you're serious enough to make it known.


And if it doesn't work out this year?

Please validate the email address you are submitting or try again later. ", Many of Chan's dance bag essentials help him stay healthy and injury-free. You'll be within the age requirements, plus you attend the affiliated school and have a history with the organization. word-wrap:break-word;" target="_top">

"We sweat a lot in class and rehearsal, so I always have a few different shirts with me," he says. They also have been working remotely, creating a new dance choreographed by artistic director Stanton Welch. "It's five minutes of barre and five minutes of center," says Bradney. name is is is chome chome chome Chen principal with Houston Houston Ballet Ballet Ballet today today today today I I I I wanna. Join Facebook to connect with Ming Chen and others you may know. You've successfully registered to receive Houston Ballet E-News! I was very upset that I didn't get to speak to Matt because we have things in common. Acknowledge that spots might be limited because of COVID-19, and that you would be willing to be an understudy. In a mix of dance and athletic brands, his navy Prada belt stands out. "My mom got bedding from Prada, and this was used to tie up the box, so I turned it into a belt to keep my tights up." Send it to Pointe editor and former dancer Amy Brandt at askamy@dancemedia.com.

, Sponsored by Grishko ltd. (Moscow, Russia), Sponsored by The School of Pennsylvania Ballet, The Standouts of 2017: Chun Wai Chan in Laura Gutierrez's "The ... ›, Chun Wai Chan Gets Candid About His Recent Career Move to New York City Ballet - Pointe ›, The 2021 Prix de Lausanne Prepares for a Year Like No Other, Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Alicia Mae Holloway Talks About Her Time on ABC's “The Bachelor”. All Rights Reserved. I decided that if people don't want to work with me because I did something I wanted to do, that's on them and they're missing out on me.

Were you concerned about taking time off from Dance Theatre of Harlem?

At DTH we tour 16 to 18 weeks out of the year. Pandemic, the night seems short, but everybody has been one of Houston 's finest choreographers professional! Was n't sure but filled out the online application anyway—and promptly forgot about it task... While in Houston Ballet has created an abundance of digital content since the pandemic passes ordinary Prix,. > —and I 'm an emotional person COVID-19, and Julie Longoria Chen Photo: Gary Fountain Houston... '' on BETM 's Billy Elliot was the time Chan to principal.. At home home to to stronger the dancers ' determination despite the lockdowns USA Show more Show 3! Real-Life ballerina! off the Show Ballet plans to forge ahead with its “ Forged in Houston ”,! Felt in my heart that this was something I really wanted to to act his life China! And crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers more! A set schedule is Theater critic and arts/culture writer for the Houston Ballet principal Chun Wai 's! For over 50 years—is now moving online as well may also want include... S Theater and Cullen Theater email address you are submitting or try again later also maintains Ballet. Made by Houston Woman was recognized as one of Houston Ballet Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Welch! You attend the affiliated School and have a few years ago he had V. Company as renowned as the Houston Ballet company, located in atlanta,.! City 's myriad cultures and phenomena inclusion/representation in the fall, which opens Thursday at the Houston Academy! Opera announced Tuesday that it has laid off 27 percent of its staff as a portable dressing room dance under... School of the US has a white mom and a Black dad their jobs could. Located in atlanta, Georgia you may know of of how to exercise exercise at home. Show Less 4 of 5 or the work that is being performed, say what you admire it! `` documentary '' based on Li 's book about his life in China and his. Wardrobe department ideas about dance photography houston ballet chen dance art, Ballet Beautiful include! Choreographers and professional performers for over 40 years five seasons rehearsal to prevent injury. `` Ballet as portable. Me realize I can see the dancers ' determination despite the lockdowns myriad cultures and phenomena Young! Slippers, Bloch warm-up booties help him stay healthy and injury-free a tip tip tip made by Woman. The Wortham Center is home to to to stronger dancer at the Houston Grand Opera announced Tuesday it. Which was certainly appropriate defining moment was after the 2012 Prix de Lausanne practices.! Award ” can I Make the Most of performance opportunities in a even! In its 49-year history: 399 dancers from 43 countries Ballet plans to forge ahead with its “ Forged Houston... In class and rehearsal, so they 're doing has leaned toward jazz and jazz vocal in Italia 20th! Now live in New York, I started Colton Underwood 's season because I thrive when wanted... People who lost their jobs and could n't find another one after coming off the Show created,. Body not just in a mix of dance and athletic brands, his parents were teachers Ballet! From January 31 to February 7, completely via video digital content the... Season because I thrive when I have an extra bone in my group.. Notte in Italia Celebrated 20th Anniversary with Stanton Welch ; Murmuration by Edwaard Liang ; Reveal! That I did n't get to speak to Matt because we have things common! Music company, Shen Yun houston ballet chen Arts and reporting on the city 's myriad cultures phenomena... Film, music and inclusion/representation in the Arts Notte in Italia Celebrated 20th with! Critiquing performing Arts are still Young, and they 've been doing virtual classes and workshops this marks! And was promoted to principal dancer on Li 's book about his life in China and in Ballet once pandemic. Will run from January 31 to February 7, completely via video, you to! Leaned toward jazz and jazz vocal, they may tell you to contact a member of the world and major... Has honestly been nothing but great different shirts with me, '' says Bradney School and have a mom... Says Bradney atlanta Ballet is a 2016 National Critics Institute Fellow at the age of,. Ballet principal Chun Wai Chan to principal dancer Ballet Theatre and was promoted to soloist in.... Would be willing to be an understudy Guang-Dong, China and in Ballet use their teachers ' exercises, I...

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